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Using nurture journeys to SCORE supporters and systematically TEST - What can be achieved in 2 weeks & $5k when you’re dedicated to the cause (ON DEMAND)

Presentation Overview
UN Women AU had HUGE success in getting thousands of digital leads - but they didn’t convert to giving.
We wanted to nurture, Test and SCORE a nurture journey, designed to systematically test and score these leads that hadn't converted on the phone.
This 2 week nurture journey was set up with 10 touchpoints and 6 systematic split tests. Very quickly we went from knowing nothing about these supporters except that they agreed “Rape is Never Ok” to knowing 
•           What triggers a supporter to respond (poll questions vs quiz call to actions)
•           which digital channels they preferred to respond via
•           what gets this group fired up (Inspiration vs Outrage)
•           whether they have a world view or are focused on Australian issues
•           how the same group responded differently across digital channels (eDM, SMS, Facebook ads)
•           how they want to give (Buy vs Donate)
•           and how they feel about the F word (Feminism)
We learned a lot, and from 2 touch-points we gained 51 double opt in leads that generated 4 new RG donors (8% CVR) + 10 new cash donors.
From the day in April that we came up with this plan on the phone, Shanelle at Parachute Digital had the test plan, the nurture journey, all the content, and the digital journey LIVE in just over 2 weeks.

Session Grading: Intermediate (2-7 years experience)

Themes: Digital


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