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Scandal: The erosion (and rebuilding) of public trust in nonprofits (ON DEMAND)

Presentation Overview
Globally, there is a mounting belief that the public are losing trust in nonprofits. Highly publicised charity scandals—including the recent case of sexual exploitation by Oxfam staff in Haiti—are assumed to have damaged public confidence in charities. What can fundraisers do to protect themselves from the contagion of scandal, and how can they respond appropriately when bad press threatens the livelihoods of their organisations?
In this talk, I will present high-level evidence from 8 different research studies to answer three questions:
•           How do scandals emerge in nonprofits?
•           What are the impacts of scandals for individual charities and for the nonprofit sector as a whole?
•           What can fundraisers and nonprofit managers do to recover public trust after a scandal?
The talk will be informed by rigorous academic research (including data from Australian nonprofit board members and almost 400,000 people in over 30 countries) but will be presented in a casual, accessible way. The focus will be on practical takeaways for nonprofit professionals.

Session Grading: General Fundraiser (all fundraisers)


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