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Major donors: Identifying who will give to your cause and why (ON DEMAND)

Most Australians give to charity, but they are not universally generous. Instead, they must choose which causes to support out of over 57,000 options. In order to target the best prospects and convert them into loyal supporters, fundraisers must understand the psychology of their particular donors. In other words, they must understand who gives to their cause and why.
Identity is a key factor influencing donor choices. In this talk I will summarise psychological research (including my own) on the question of charity selection, with a particular focus on the way donors’ identities and perceived social norms can influence charity choices. Relying on rigorous empirical evidence, I will highlight key learnings for fundraisers, including:
•           Who donates to different categories of charity
•           How donor motives depend on the beneficiaries and causes in question
•           Which identities donors use to determine their charity preferences
•           How social norms can influence donor choices
The talk will give food for thought to fundraisers who hadn’t considered the importance of identities and norms for their practice. I will also provide practical advice for creating identity toolkits to help tailor appeals.

Session Grading:
Intermediate (2 - 7 years experience)
Advanced (7+ years experience)

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#FIA Conference 2021
#FIA Conference 2021