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Let's talk about the Elephant in the Room - Living with Mental Illness in Fundraising (LIVE)

Presentation Overview
In any given year, one in five Australians will experience some form of mental illness. Fundraising is hard enough. Living with a mental illness in an often deadline driven, high pressure environment to raise funds, and sometimes challenging fundraising culture can be a recipe for disaster. How do those living with Mental Health challenges survive and thrive in the world of fundraising? 

In this session you will hear personal experiences from three Executive Fundraisers with lived experience of psychosocial disability through the toughest times of fundraising. 

This session will explore what it’s like to live and work with mental illness, work alongside and manage people with mental illness, the fear of disclosure, creating safe spaces for those who are experiencing mental health concerns, educating colleagues and so much more. 

The format will be a semi-structures discussion from three experts on their personal experience followed by an open panel discussion. The aim of this presentation is to create an open and safe environment for people to share their experiences and ask real questions with honest answers.

Session Grading: General Fundraiser (all fundraisers)

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#FIA Conference 2021
#FIA Conference 2021