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Launching an individual giving program - mistakes and marvels (ON DEMAND)

This presentation is a hindsight-driven story of how the team at the Perkins launched their individual giving program, starting with how we gained investment from a doubtful board and what we did next. 

In one year we were tasked with bringing in a new CRM and website, running our first supporter survey and jumping into acquisition using mail (list, unaddressed & newspaper insert), digital and telemarketing channels for the first time. We launched a Gifts in Wills program, Regular Giving program and our COVID-19 emergency appeal exceeded expectations. Along the way we hit KPI’s out of the park and doubled our tiny team. 

Yep, we did a lot! Some things we did well and some we didn’t, but at the time we did everything the best we could without the gift of hindsight.

This presentation is an honest and condensed look back at all the things I wish I’d known a year ago.  

Ideal for small or emerging organisations. It will cover the basics of fundraising, blow away the smoke and mirrors of acquisition, but above all serve as a reminder that the donor is at the heart of everything.

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#FIA Conference 2021
#FIA Conference 2021