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How to: Turn likes into dollars (LIVE)

Presentation Overview
What happens when everyone loves your charity on social media but no-one actually donates? How do you turn likes and shares into dollars? Social media has given rise to a new form of feel-good support for a cause. Slacktivism, also termed ‘clicktivism’ within the digital space, represents a willingness to perform a relatively costless token display of support for a cause (e.g. liking or sharing a charity’s Facebook post) but without intending to subsequently engage in more meaningful contributions (e.g. donating money). Legacy Brisbane found this with their 2019 ‘Do More Than Remember’ campaign, which received millions of views, likes and shares of social media posts, yet only 108 actual donations. While clicktivism is great for generating awareness, there is a concern that liking or sharing a post may lead people to believe they have already contributed to the cause, without doing anything meaningful (see UNICEF Sweden’s “Likes Don’t Save Lives” campaign). This presentation outlines the strategies adopted by Legacy Brisbane to dramatically shift donor behaviour from token support in 2019 into meaningful contributions in their 2020 Anzac Day campaign – driving up online donations and participation in community fundraising in the midst of a pandemic.

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