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How to: Manage non-profit branding for fundraising success (ON DEMAND)

Presentation Overview
Fundraisers, marketers and brand experts can have conflicting interests within your charity but effective collaboration is essential to maximise your income from donors. Discover what branding really means to your donors and how to manage non-profit branding for fundraising success.

  • The essential components of a fundraising brand for your charity
  • A checklist of common brand guidelines that will hurt your fundraising income and how to overcome them
  • Tips to ensure the brand experts and fundraisers work for each other not against each other
  • Common clashes between comms/ branding and fundraising and what to do about them
  • Dealing with the white saviour/ poverty porn issue when you need to make the donor the hero
Session Grading: Beginner Fundraisers (less than 2 years experience)


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