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How to love your donors using philanthropic psychology? (LIVE)

Presentation Overview
OUR job as a fundraiser is not only to love our beneficiaries and connect our donors’ hearts to these beneficiaries, but also to LOVE OUR DONORS. To love our donors, we need to give them what they need from their support, and to do this, we need to know who our donors are. What are the important identities that they are expressing through their giving?

Through our work with many non-profit organizations, we have found that reflecting to a donor their most important donor identities can increase their giving from between 20 – 140% over consecutive asks[S1] .

And, more importantly, sending data driven donor communications that reinforce identities important to donors over a 2-year period can help people feel better about themselves.

Attendees will learn...

1.    How to better love your donors by uncovering their most important identities using the data they give you.

2.    About opportunities to build supporter loyalty that we have never seen before, help your donors restore their sense of wellbeing and understand what impact this may have on their well-being and their giving in the months to come.

3.    How to use data from donor surveys to design donor journeys from acquisition to major giving through identity transformation.

Session Grading: General Fundraiser (all fundraisers)

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#FIA Conference 2021
#FIA Conference 2021