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How to: Build a fundraising culture in an organisation which hasn't previously had a formal fundraising function and has seen itself as a community service provider

Presentation Overview
In some NFP’s both leadership and staff focus on the service being provided, what they see as the organisation’s purpose, whilst not applying much thought to how the funding which enables the provision of this service is derived. Sometimes too, attitudes are held that fund raising is not an activity in which they want to participate, that it’s a little uncomfortable.
This session explores how to build a fundraising culture in an organisation which hasn’t previously had a formal fundraising function and which has traditionally seen itself as a service provider. To meet the challenge posed takes a multi-level approach and be prepared, it is unlikely to change an organisation’s story of itself or broadly achieve buy-in overnight. Incrementally though a shift in direction can be achieved by having fund raising included in strategic plans; positively influencing through all the layers of an organization; creating a new cultural vision; engaging fund raising governance; changing mindsets by proving value; lifting the endorsement of fundraising by the Board through to management and on to staff; showing that people won’t be offended when asked for money as long as the ask is right; and convincing the stakeholders that usually people don’t give unless they are asked. 


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