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HELP! I NEED SOMEBODY. HELP! NOT JUST ANYBODY: What The Beatles can teach you about engaging government effectively

For fundraisers The Beatles hit song “HELP!” might go something like… ”Help us if you can philanthropy is down and we do appreciate Government being around, help me get my charity back on the ground…won’t you please, please help me…”  Before the bushfires and COVID-19, Government was already the biggest donor to the not for profit sector. But now, these days are not so self-assured. The combination of a global pandemic and major economic downturn, means even more charities will be asking Government for “HELP!” Securing that “HELP!” just got a whole lot harder and it will be the “new normal” for years to come.  The actions CEO’s and senior fundraisers take right now with major donors and Government - the biggest major donor of all, will in part determine how your charity comes out of this crisis. 

But even seasoned CEO’s, Board Members and senior fundraisers find that securing Government funding is often a strange and confusing mix of policy initiatives, money and politics. Walking out of Parliament House can leave you feeling less like one of the Fab 4 and more like Yoko Ono!   

In this session, Mark will take you backstage for a behind-the-scenes look at how to; position your need with Government; leverage philanthropy to create opportunities for extraordinary giving; and understand COVID-19’s impact on policy objectives and budgets and how to turn Ministerial support into bureaucratic action.

Session Grading: Advanced (more than 7 years experience) 


#FIA Conference 2021
#FIA Conference 2021