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From Tactical to Emotional - Fundraising Creative That Goes Beyond Best Practice (ON DEMAND)

Presentation Overview
Most fundraisers know their supporter communications should be story-driven, easy-to-read and donor-centric, for example. These are tried and true tactics. 

But why is that some creative work stands out from the rest? Prompts a strong response from donors? Gives even experienced fundraisers ‘the feels’? 

And how can you make sure your charity’s creative is as powerful as possible when you’re up against lack of time/budget/imagery/internal support for fundraising?

Two of the most experienced fundraising creatives in our sector share their creative decision-making secrets, and give you their top tips for overcoming barriers to creative success. 

They’ll look at why some creative works and some just doesn’t (even when it appears to use classic tactics).  And they’ll share case studies from three very different charities to show how you can respond to very different creative challenges. 

Conference delegates should walk away inspired by the power of creative to take fundraising beyond a bunch of tactics and into a place where it stirs, disrupts, thrills, delights and gets supporters to act.

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#FIA Conference 2021
#FIA Conference 2021