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Establishing Professional Barriers (LIVE)

Presentation Overview
Establishing Professional Barriers.  

1.     Have you ever logged into a team meeting only to land in the middle of a colleague sharing information that’s more suited to friends and family on the weekend, not Monday 9am?
2.     Do you have someone who seems to push boundaries and barriers and everything you do just doesn’t seem to stop them; they just don’t get it?
3.     Would you like to have clear and professional barriers and boundaries in place so that you and the team feel protected and safe?

Barriers and boundaries can be tricky when you are not sure how and what to share, or when you have a colleague who seems to overshare.  

Barriers and boundaries are not about being closed off and always pushing back with saying “no”.

Barriers and boundaries are about being clear and professional. As Brené Brown says, “Clear is Kind.”

Barriers and boundaries protect you and the team so that people do not feel as though their personal (emotional and physical) safety are not challenged.

In this dynamic session learn why some people are over-sharers and others are a closed book! You’ll learn how to identify the differences in people and how to effectively and professionally handle those awkward situations. Learn how to set boundaries, hold them and when, only in exceptional circumstances, to break them. You’ll put clear is kind into real practice.

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