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Breaking from tradition – thriving through changes. How Caritas Australia broke from traditions to accelerate appeals growth (ON DEMAND)

Seeing appeals results steadily declining over the years, due to a series of internal and external factors, urged us to act quickly. One of the biggest challenges in implementing bolder and more audacious strategies was to break from traditions. Internally, the thought of moving away from our traditional model wasn’t well-perceived – at the time, promoting a change to accelerate growth was the Fundraising team’s view only.

Over the last two years, after reinventing our Direct Mail program and implementing bolder ask strategies, we’ve doubled our income and broken $1m income for the first time at Christmas time and Autumn (Lent). Breaking from tradition has changed completely our appeals income, response rates and average gifts. Refining and revitalising every detail within each new appeal, has been helping us revert the declining path to a steadier growth. In this presentation, we want to share how we made it happen, what were our struggles and how we have overcome internal organisational barriers.

Session Grading
General Fundraiser (all fundraisers)
Beginner Fundraisers (less than 2 years experience)
Advanced (more than 7 years experience)


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#FIA Conference 2021
#FIA Conference 2021