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A Toe in TV Water: WWF-Australia Gifts in Wills TV awareness campaign (LIVE)

It is not every day you see a gift in Wills advertisement on TV. But it may well soon be. With the dawning awareness of the huge potential of gifts in Wills to increase charity revenue, will come a greater commitment to invest in gifts in Wills promotion.

Inspired by the hugely emotive UNICEF gifts in Wills advertisements, WWF-Australia sought to dip a toe in TV water with its own legacy video – a collaborative production between its network offices in Australia, France and the Netherlands. 

The resulting video became the cornerstone of a small-scale awareness campaign which aired in August 2020. Supported by paid digital, the campaign saw five times the usual traffic driven to WWF’s gifts in Wills webpage and uncovered 13 new bequest leads. 

Perhaps most significantly this activity helped WWF decide whether to take a future plunge – or not.

Session Grading: Advanced (more than 7 years experience)

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#FIA Conference 2021
#FIA Conference 2021