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Shanelle Newton Clapham

Founder and Chief Digital Consultant - Parachute Digital NSW, Australia
Shanelle has been pioneering digital in the charity space for 11 years now. After a career in journalism and then digital marketing, she started at WWF Australia, as their first digital fundraiser, back in 2009. Over the last decade she has proven undeniably that digital fundraising does work! She even wrote a book, with that in the title. 
Shanelle and the Parachute Digital team have made it their purpose to connect people that care, with the causes that they care about. She has been supporting organisations like yours to find the people that care about your cause, and bring them to you; to take action, to donate and to volunteer.
Shanelle is a fierce advocate for your donor. She insists that you give them an excellent online experience – make it easy for them to give, tell them stories that are relevant to them. This approach has made her one of the most sought after digital consultants and speakers in Australia and beyond.

Twitter: @ShanelleOnline


#FIA Conference 2021
#FIA Conference 2021